Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mig33 PC

For those who like chatting on Migg33, now now you can chat on PC. Different from chatting on web, or using SJ Boy or KEmulator, you to chat with your friends without worry about sudden disconnection from the internet

  • Chat room
  • Chat group
  • Multi/single window
  • Lighter
  • Easy Photo share
  • Icons
  • Multiple IM
  • Etc
After downloading this program, follow the instructions below.

1. Install first

2. Replace the original executable file di C:\Program Files\mig33messenger4.0 with the cracked version mig33messenger.exe

3. Klick activate

4. Activation code : j//7MCY027613RSbgiLvwc6MScmV8+6tIyIoBHl/QE0KdBHizlNbvXx5b6s=

5. License code : 43-67-33-33-76-A2-32-D2-C2-76-E6-04-46-04-46

6. Username : dudung.-

7. Password : sobat-api

Download here:



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