Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nimbuzz PC

Do you prefer to chat with a computer? For you who like chatting byNimbuz, now gives you the opportunity to chat on your PC .

Like the mobile version of Nimbuzz, Nimbuzz PC offers Chat Instant Messaging services like Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk, AIM, etc., and also the Chat Room, share multimedia like files photos, music, video.

If you are more fond of Nimbuzz with large appearance, this choice is good, even if you want to exchange pic or video with friends, surely you will spend much money.

Actual features offered by Nimbuzz PC is basically the same as in Nimbuzz Mobile. Nimbuzz PC in this Beta version you will not find Chat Room because, to protect the Nimbuzz users in Indonesia and for the convenience and, for a while, Chat Room is eliminated by the Nimbuzz Indonesia.

Chat Room, but in fact is still there, only nonactive . But for you who prefer to chat in the Chat Room, it's not nesasary to be disappointed because this room will be appear again not long time

Now you want to chat with Nimbuzz on your computer please follow the steps below

1. Make sure your first computer's internet service is available
2. visit directly or follow the link below
Nimbuzz for PC
3. after nimbuzz PC.exe being downloaded, install on your PC, wait until all files are downloaded ,
4 finished


Anonymous said...

i love it its best program in the world

canabalise said...

how can i go 2 vimbuzz chat room wid my pc??

bilal tabassum said...

nice software

bilal tabassum said...


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