Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mini Friday

Mini Friday, a small software that can create a kind of virtual community in the virtual world in mobile phone. This program is not using the account YM, so we have to make a new account on the Mini Friday. This program is made by a programmer called Sulake in 2006. Until now this program supports new mobile phones that use the Symbian operating system type 60 second edition and third belong to Nokia.

To download the program simply visit the site directly from the Mini Friday mobile phone in www.minifriday.com. The system creates a virtual community to chat not just chat, but it looks like two-dimensional.

Users can create their own characters from the small cartoon. you can show character male or female. This character, of course, must represent us at time, so do not select the characters do not represent yourselves. you can change the face, hair, clothing color,and others.

Indeed, the appearance is still limited, but the Mini Friday has changed the perception of people who assume that we can only send a text to fellow members such as the YM. In Mini Friday we can walk over here and there to meet other people.

after creating a username and login was successful, select the appropriate chatroom. There are a lot of the chatrooms so can choose one. Specifically for indonesia, there seems alot of chatrooms

As you enter the cafe or bar, there are rooms, no place to sit a chat with friends. Usually when you go there, the chatroom is already full with other users, and they are busy with they friends. You need make friends with them if you want to be chat with them. so for those who enjoy chatting without the need to make date, this application becomes one of the alternatives.

to download Mini Friday click here:


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